iTerm 2 Material Design

The best colorscheme for your iTerm2 terminal. Colorful, pleasant for the eyes and perfectly adjusted by the briliant designers of Google.

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Designed for everyday use

There are a lot of color schemes out there. Most of them are pretty in the beginning, but they can be overwhelming at times. I wanted to make a color scheme that you can easily use as your daily driver as a developer on your terminal.


The colors will provide a good contrast for any terminal output.

Dark Mode

If you're using dark mode on your machine, it will seamlessly integrate.


The colors scheme will be accessible for everyone, even with red-green color vision defects.

Experts Design

Handpicked colors for the best experience by Googles Design Team.


If you want to use iTerm2 Material Design as your terminal colors, simply follow the steps below.

1. Download

Download the colors file to your computer.

2. Import

Doubleclick to open with iTerm2. It will be imported automatically.

3. Select

Select the theme in your iTerm2 Profiles tab. You can find it in Colors -> Color Presets.
iTerm2 Material Design Screenshot #5

Wanna try it yourself?Download now.